MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senate Candidate Steven Olikara released this statement following recent mass shootings, including one at an elementary school in Texas:

“My heart is with the families of those lost and impacted by recent shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, Milwaukee, and beyond.”


“It’s time for action. We must elect leaders to Congress who actually care about passing legislation

to prevent gun violence and provide mental health support, not just score political points for the sake

of ambition and money. We must be bold and work across political divides to achieve these reforms, many with majority support across our nation.”


Steven is the only candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin who has focused on gun violence prevention on the campaign trail, starting last summer. His core proposal is universal gun licensing to ensure that anyone using a gun can demonstrate that they can do so safely, similar to drivers licenses.


This builds on Steven’s work to pass bipartisan legislation in Congress authorizing and funding the CDC to study gun violence as a public health issue, overturning a 20-year ban when it was signed into law in 2018. Of the 35 bills that his organization, the Millennial Action Project, passed through Congress, he’s most proud of the 1st-in-a-generation bill to counter gun violence.

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