MILWAUKEE – Steven Olikara is a proud Wisconsinite, the son of Indian immigrants, an entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and musician running for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. Today at 9:00am CT, Olikara is announcing the release of an NFT collection (, the first by a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate.


Technology is progressing at a lightning pace, from cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence, automation, and the exponential growth of social media. These technologies are not bound by political party – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are utilizing and innovating across emerging technologies.


But the federal government has been behind on smart policy for the technology sector. The nation needs more modern elected officials with modern policies that maximize the potential positive impacts and minimize the harm that can come with any innovation. Olikara seeks to model collaborative, future-looking governance.


Olikara is announcing the release of 30 NFTs reflecting the spirit of Wisconsin, with a nod to some communities involved in the Olikara for Senate campaign and its commitment to dignity for all. Historically, Wisconsin has been the laboratory of democracy with opportunities to invest in organizations Wisconsinites believe in, like the Green Bay Packers. Olikara is inviting the public to join the movement to democratize our economy and support the campaign for a new, more inclusive kind of politics.


Olikara for Senate will be sharing additional details on policies regarding emerging technologies including cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and social media.

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