Milwaukee – U.S. Senate Candidate, musician, and national political reformer Steven Olikara has been endorsed by South Asians for American (SAFA).

Steven’s run for senate is historic as it provides Wisconsin voters the first ever opportunity to elect a South-Asian or Indian American candidate to the U.S. Senate.

“I’m deeply honored to receive the endorsement of South Asians for America. A true test of our democracy is whether it respects, empowers, and includes minority groups. Together, we are building a future where South Asians are at the decision-making table. We will make history this year, electing the first South Asian man to the U.S. Senate.”

Too many fellow Wisconsinites have been left out of politics while millionaires & billionaires in Congress fight amongst themselves. “Our democracy needs us. If we have the courage to stand up, organize and wake up from this dark moment in our politics, we will change the future of our state and our country” Steven says. His platform focuses on making government work for Wisconsin’s Exhausted Majority and creating a more honest and inclusive politics.

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