MILWAUKEE – Voters are backing Steven Olikara as the race for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin is shaken up. “Since the debate, we’ve been having our lightning in a bottle moment. Undecided voters and former supporters of other campaigns are breaking for our campaign,” shared Olikara, after firing up voters in Green Bay as the only candidate committed to changing the system to make government more responsive to Wisconsinites.

“Anyone who has been on the campaign trail knows that we are surging,” shares Olikara, the only primary candidate with federal legislative experience. “To the voters wondering what’s going on right now, this is the political industrial complex taking your money, while trying to decide this election on your behalf. I’m calling BS on this system and running to dismantle it.”

“Voters are angry at other campaigns who drop out before the votes are counted,” continues Olikara. “Voters will decide who wins, not the political establishment.”

“I am the only candidate building the diverse coalition of Democrats, Independents, and disaffected Republicans required to beat Ron Johnson,” shares Olikara. “In 2022, a Democratic nominee who runs a generic campaign driven by DC-consultant talking points and who can’t connect with the exhausted majority in Wisconsin will lose in November. Our campaign is activating the exhausted majority of disillusioned and disaffected voters who won’t blindly support any Democrat.”

Olikara looks forward to facing off with Lt. Gov. Barnes during the town hall on Tuesday, August 2nd. Olikara will share how he is best positioned to beat Senator Johnson and do the job of legislating as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.

Olikara is campaigning in Milwaukee today, finishing at MobCraft Brewery this afternoon. He is available for interviews.

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