The 501(c)(4) One Nation launched a new ad praising U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, for “fighting for relief at the pump.”

In May, One Nation, which is aligned with Senate Republicans, announced a nearly $3.2 million buy through Labor Day in addition to $5.8 million it had previously placed in Wisconsin.

The new ads will run on broadcast, cable TV, radio and digital.

The new TV spot features a man identified as Kevin, of Clinton. He says he’s an electrical contractor for commercial ag companies with 80 employees and 40 trucks. He says they’re paying almost double what they did last year for fuel and “policies from liberals in Washington are making it worse.”

He says Johnson voted to finish the Keystone pipeline and increase U.S. oil and gas production, which could “make a real difference for small businesses like us.”

He finished the spot, “Tell Senator Ron Johnson: Keep fighting to restore American energy independence.”

See the TV ad:

Listen to the radio version:

See the digital spot:

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