WASHINGTON — One Nation, a public policy organization dedicated to promoting commonsense legislative solutions, is launching a new advocacy effort in Wisconsin urging Senator Ron Johnson to keep fighting the reckless government spending that is fueling rampant inflation. The first advertisement, “Threaten,” goes live statewide in Wisconsin today. The ad is the first installment of a $6 million, 8 week advertising buy including television, cable, radio, and digital.

The script of the advertisement can be found below:

[Announcer] The DC liberals’ spending spree is out of control. 

Jacking up inflation on Wisconsin families. 

Wiping out wage gains and making it harder for families to make ends meet. 

Gas, groceries, rent.

Everything costs more. 

Senator Ron Johnson is fighting back. 

Voting against the liberals’ inflationary spending and demanding accountability for Washington’s rampant waste and fraud. 

Tell Senator Johnson: keep fighting to stop the reckless spending that is killing us with inflation.

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