ILWAUKEE, Wis.—According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Friday, Senator Ron Johnson “is doubling down” in his criticisms of Social Security, saying that the essential program for Wisconsin seniors “was set up improperly” and that Wisconsin seniors’ retirements should have been subject to the whims of the stock market.

Miranda Stark, Opportunity Wisconsin Deputy Program Director:

“Senator Johnson must stop his attacks against Social Security, saying that the program should be handed off to his rich Wall Street friends instead of guaranteeing a secure retirement for Wisconsin seniors. It’s unconscionable that Senator Johnson would say this bedrock retirement safety net ‘was set up improperly’ and that Wisconsinites who work their whole lives paying into Social Security should lose that guarantee and have it subject to the whims of wealthy Wall Street and big corporate investors. Coming on the heels of his statements that Social Security should be subjected to the whims of the congressional budgeting process, it’s clear that he does not have the program’s — or Wisconsin seniors’ — best interests at heart. We need Senator Johnson to stop playing politics with Social Security.”

Sen. Ron Johnson says Social Security ‘was set up improperly’ and would have been better invested in the stock market

Weeks after saying Social Security and Medicare should be subjected to annual budget talks — a stance that caused political blow back from his foes — Johnson once again weighed into America’s signature social insurance program.

During a Wednesday campaign stop in Rice Lake, Johnson said Social Security “was set up improperly” and that the system’s funds would have been better off invested in the stock market.

Critics have claimed investing in stocks would raise uncertainty given the inevitable dips in the market, plus they contend the government might wield too much influence overseeing such a large amount of money invested in stocks.

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