MADISON, Wis.Today the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol revealed Senator Ron Johnson’s leading role in the violent plot to change the rules of America’s elections and override the votes of the people of Wisconsin. On January 6, 2021, just as the Joint Session of Congress was about to begin, Senator Johnson’s now-Chief of Staff texted an aide to Vice President Mike Pence stating that Senator Johnson wished to hand-deliver to the Vice President the fake electors’ votes from Michigan and Wisconsin. The Vice President’s aide emphatically replied, “Do not give that to him.” This revelation comes on the same day Senator Johnson proclaimed during an interview that “government is stupid.”

Meghan Roh, Opportunity Wisconsin program director:
“It’s par for the course for Senator Johnson to put politics over the people of Wisconsin. However, today’s revelation from the January 6th Committee reveals just how far Senator Johnson is willing to go in order to cling to power and maintain his status quo of self-enrichment. 

“Despite publicly admitting that former President Trump was indeed defeated in the Badger State, Senator Johnson was working to hand-deliver false statements to former Vice President Pence in order to stop the certification of a legitimate election. Actions speak louder than words and Senator Johnson must be held accountable for these incredibly serious actions.“  

Since early 2021, Opportunity Wisconsin has been working  to hold Senator Johnson accountable to his constituents and to demand he vote for policies that support Wisconsin residents. In addition to holding conversations with Wisconsin workers and families across the Badger State, Opportunity Wisconsin has spent over $5 million in TV ads urging Senator Johnson to focus his work in Washington on addressing the economic needs of his constituents and to stop putting his personal profits over the people of Wisconsin.

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