MILWAUKEE, Wis.—Today Opportunity Wisconsin launched a new billboard celebrating the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and holding Senator Ron Johnson accountable for his vote against it. The billboard, which is located on I-94 East near the Pettit National Ice Center, is part of Opportunity Wisconsin’s “Paving the Way” statewide tour, which kicked off yesterday in Madison with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. The tour is highlighting how the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is benefitting the Badger State and will make additional stops with elected officials and community leaders in Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and La Crosse.

“Not only did Senator Johnson vote against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, but he admitted that he didn’t even bother to read the bill. Time and time again, Senator Johnson has stood in the way of bringing new, good-paying jobs to the state and instead, has stood on the side of the wealthy and well-connected,” said Miranda Stark, Opportunity Wisconsin deputy program director, during yesterday’s tour kickoff“Not only did Senator Johnson push through a loophole in the Trump tax law that benefited his family’s business, but it also has disproportionately benefited the wealthy. In fact, Senator Johnson’s ‘crowning achievement’ was projected to deliver an average of just $20 to middle-income Wisconsin families in 2019, while giving a payday of over $25,000 to the richest one percent….So as we criss-cross the state over the next few weeks, celebrating this historic investment in Wisconsin, we must also remember who worked for us and who worked against us. We are demanding that Senator Johnson vote for policies that support Wisconsin workers and families.”

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In March, President Joe Biden visited Superior a day after delivering his State of the Union address to highlight the ways in which the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law would benefit Wisconsin, including:

  • Providing Wisconsin with $5.2 billion for highways and $225 million for bridges over 5 years; in Wisconsin there are 979 bridges and nearly 2,000 miles of highway in poor condition, costing the average Wisconsin driver $547 per year
  • Providing $592 million over 5 years to improve public transportation
  • Providing internet access to Wisconsinites who currently lack it, and establishing the Affordability Connectivity Program (ACP) to help low-income families (22% of Wisconsinites) afford internet access
  • Providing Wisconsin with $841 million over 5 years to improve water infrastructure to ensure clean, safe drinking water in all communities, including through the elimination of lead service lines and pipes and the dangerous chemical PFAS.
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