MADISON, Wis. —Today marks the one year anniversary of the American Rescue Plan being signed into law by President Joe Biden. The landmark legislation put money in the pockets of hard working Wisconsinites by expanding and strengthening the Child Tax Credit, lowering health insurance costs, making COVID vaccines free and accessible, and providing $1,400 stimulus checks to almost every American.

Miranda Stark, Opportunity Wisconsin deputy program director:
“One year since its signing, the American Rescue Plan has had an immeasurable impact on our state and our country. Our elected officials should look to the ARP as a success story and a model for legislation to help working families. Senator Tammy Baldwin was a strong supporter of the legislation, and her ‘yes’ vote helped get it over the finish line. However, Senator Ron Johnson was firmly opposed to the ARP, claiming that Wisconsinites didn’t deserve money in their pockets to recover from the economic shock of the pandemic. Senator Johnson’s opposition to this major COVID relief bill showed yet again that he stands with wealthy elites, not Wisconsin residents.”

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