MADISON, Wis.—Today, Opportunity Wisconsin released the following statement after an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  detailed how Senator Ron Johnson has been using taxpayer dollars to fly between his vacation home in Florida and Washington, D.C. Federal records show that taxpayers footed the bill for 19 flights from Fort Myers, Florida — where Johnson purchased a home for $1.6 million in 2013 — to Washington between 2013 and May 2021.

Miranda Stark, Opportunity Wisconsin Deputy Program Director:

Senator Johnson using taxpayer money to fund travel from his vacation home in Florida is disturbing but not the least bit surprising. In fact, it’s totally in line with his long record of serving himself while in office — a record that includes opening a massive loophole in the tax code that benefitted his own business, and doubling his wealth while in office. Senator Johnson should focus on using taxpayer dollars to help Wisconsinites, not passing tax breaks that benefit his company or bankrolling flights from his vacation home.“

Since early 2021, Opportunity Wisconsin has been working  to hold Senator Johnson accountable to his constituents and to demand he vote for policies that support Wisconsin residents, including bringing new, good-paying jobs to the state, lowering the costs of health care and prescription drugs, and supporting tax cuts for families with children. In addition to holding conversations with Wisconsin workers and families across the Badger State, Opportunity Wisconsin has spent over $5 million in TV ads urging Senator Johnson to focus his work in Washington on addressing the economic needs of his constituents and to stop putting his personal profits over the people of Wisconsin.

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