APPLETON, WIS — Tomorrow, Outagamie County will lower flags at the courthouse to half-staff in memory of the late Allan Buechel, county executive of Fond du Lac. Executive Buechel was the longest serving county executive in state history. Flags will be at half-staff in Fond du Lac County, too.


“I have taken the unusual of lowering flags at the courthouse because Al Buechel was not your typical politician,” Nelson said. “Executive Buechel was a trailblazer. He served his county with distinction for forty-six years. County executives and officials around the state looked up to him for advice and counsel. In many ways, he established the model for county executive governance.”


Nelson noted several accomplishments in Buechel’s tenure. The “dean” of Wisconsin county executives piloted innovative programs such as Family Care and Welfare Reform, and significantly modernized the county’s infrastructure including the airport, highways, fairgrounds, golf course, parks, trails, UW-Fond du Lac, consolidated dispatch center, jail expansion, regional medical examiner program, as well as information technology. Buechel also supported economic development projects in Fond du Lac County, the most notable, keeping Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac.


“Al Buechel will be missed far beyond the borders of Fond du Lac County,” Outagamie County Board Chairman Jeff Nooyen said. “He was an active and valuable member of East Central Regional Planning Commission as well as the Wisconsin Counties Association. He was always willing to share his knowledge and advice with his colleagues in other counties. Al was a textbook example of a dedicated public servant.”


Buechel was 74 years old. He leaves behind a wife, Betty and two adult children.

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