Daniel Overbey is no stranger to the bench.  As Court Commissioner, Daniel has presided over hundreds of Criminal, Juvenile, Guardianship matters, Mental Health Commitments, Traffic Court and more.  He also authorizes search warrants and Temporary Restraining Orders and makes Probable Cause Determinations.  

“I understand first-hand the responsibility and dedication that the job requires.  I see the small changes that I am able to make as a Court Commissioner and look forward to doing more as Judge.  When the second branch was created, the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Patrol Commander, and others in the Courthouse and in the community encouraged me to run because of my work as Court Commissioner, Guardian ad litem, Civil Service Commissioner and Attorney.”

Daniel Overbey is well-qualified to be Vilas County’s new Judge.  

“I have fifteen years law enforcement experience including as a detective and as head of a narcotics unit.  I attended the University of Notre Dame Law School where I was a Thomas White Scholar and graduated with Honors.  I have been practicing law for over twenty three years.  After Law School, I practiced White Collar Criminal Defense and Product Liability Defense at one of the largest law firms in Chicago.  Since 2003, I have lived with my wife, Kristine, in Arbor Vitae in the State Forest and practiced law all across the Northwoods and Northern Wisconsin, appearing in approximately eighteen counties.” 

“I have strong relationships with law enforcement, Court and County officials, and the Tribal Council, that will make it easier from me to “hit the ground running” when elected.  Sheriff Joe Fath, Eagle River Police Chief Christine Dobbs, Lac du Flambeau Police Chief T.J. Bill, Judge “Chip” Nielsen, and Tribal President Johnson are among my supporters.”

As Judge, Daniel will continue the important work he is doing as Court Commissioner.

“These are not ‘plans’ I put together for a campaign forum, these are real-world issues that I am addressing as Court Commissioner and will continue to work on as Judge.”

I will bring a firmer-hand to the Bench and stop the revolving-door of repeat-offenders.  I am concerned by the alarming number of defendants charged with serious crimes, many of whom are repeat-offenders, being released over and over on very small cash or even signature bonds.  The law gives Judges and Court Commissioners considerable discretion in setting bonds.  When on the bench, I try to tailor the bonds to accomplish the dual goals of insuring the defendant returns to Court and protecting the public.”

“I will continue to work with Law Enforcement to get additional information to the bench so that more informed decisions can be made.  For example, in cases where the defendant is charged with crimes related to the sale of narcotics, I have asked that they include the street value of the drugs as well as the amount of cash the alleged dealer was carrying.  This type of information allows me to impose more impactful and effective bond conditions. Likewise, I have been working with Tribal Police to identify alleged drug-dealing defendants who have no ties to the Tribe and prohibiting them from being on Tribal Lands at any time while on bond.”

“I will continue to allow remote access to the Court, when appropriate.  Vilas County is vast and our population is the oldest in the State.  Many of us have little or no internet service. Others have good internet but no idea how to use video-conference technology.  I am currently working with the Tribal Council and talking to some of the more remote towns about setting up dedicated terminals or laptops in their public buildings where people that need to appear in Court can come and have a quiet place with a good internet connection and a simple set up to use.”  

I am not talking about expanding video appearance to contested matters, criminal or otherwise.  Those require everyone to be in Court, in person.  There are, however, minor matters that we do by video all the time, including stipulated divorces, adjourned initial appearances and others.  We need to continue that practice and make it easier for people to use it.”

“I will work to bring a Drug Court to all of Vilas County and to identify and expand services to our Veterans.  I spent much of my law enforcement career dealing with drug dealers, drug users, and the countless victims left in their wake.  In the areas I worked, most of the property and violent crimes were the direct result of the drug problem.  The same was true for domestic abuse, child abuse and child neglect cases.  I will work with Judge Milanowski to bring a Drug (Wellness) Court to all of Vilas County.   

“If there is sufficient need, and I believe there is, I will implement a similarly-structured Veterans’ Court.  I have been working with the Jail Administrator on this and they will now be providing a list of incarcerated inmates to the Veterans Affairs Officer.  I will coordinate with them to bring needed services to our Veterans.  I served in the military, I have two children that are serving now, and I feel a responsibility to do as much as I can for our veterans here in Vilas County.”

Honor, Integrity, Professional Demeanor, and Humility.

“Practicing law for 23 years, being a Guardian ad Litem, and sitting on the bench for hundreds of proceedings has given me the experience and understanding to be a Judge.  There is, however, more to being a Judge than just experience. The position requires Honor, Integrity, Professional Demeanor, and Humility.  That is what I have always tried to do, whether I was in front of the bench or on it, and that is how I have been campaigning.”

“I live here, I work here, and I want to make Vilas County an even better place to live and work.”

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