LA CROSSE — Today, State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff announced that the National Security Leaders for America (NSL4A) had endorsed his campaign for Congress. 

NSL4A is a national, all-volunteer organization made up of more than 500+ members including 90 Retired General Officers/Flag Officers, including 3 Four-Stars, 11 Retired Senior Enlisted Officers, 6 Former Cabinet or Service Secretaries, 36 Former Ambassadors, and national security experts from across the political spectrum. NSL4A works to support a healthy American democracy, which is why they are backing Brad in the WI-03 race.

“We need western Wisconsin values in Congress, not insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden, which is exactly why I’m running and why I’m proud to receive the endorsement of NSL4A,” said Brad Pfaff. “Our democracy cannot afford to send someone to Congress who less than two years ago tried to burn our country down. We need someone who understands this district and is committed to bringing real results home from Washington. I’m the candidate who will always defend our democracy and put western Wisconsinites first.”

“Brad Pfaff is a true public servant and true patriot who understands that America is more than Red and Blue,” said John C. Rogers, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. “He understands his job is to serve his constituents and his country, not his political party. That’s what he did as Secretary of the Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture, that’s what he’s doing as State Senator, and that’s what he’ll do as Congressman, and we are proud to endorse his campaign for Congress.”

This election is about more than just who will represent WI-03 in Congress — when an insurrectionist is on the ballot, our democracy is at stake. Brad is a western Wisconsin native who has used homegrown values to inform a career of public service, while his opponent, Derrick Van Orden, is an out-of-state extremist who crossed police barricades and was proven to be in the restricted area of the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, 2021. 

These are not the values that represent western and central Wisconsin. Derrick’s track record or trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane and sexual and verbal harassment of women proves he doesn’t understand the people of this district. Brad does, and people are taking notice — last month, La Crosse area veterans praised Brad’s public service career and condemned Derrick’s participation in the Jan. 6 attack. Derrick knows that his participation is disqualifying in voters’ minds — that’s why he’s been hiding his record from voters and the media, and that’s why Brad stopped him from getting away with it by releasing a new TV ad slamming Derrick for the Jan. 6 attack.

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