LA CROSSE — Today, State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff responded to Derrick’s refusal to participate in three moderated debates across the district:

“Derrick’s cowardly response today is nothing but more evidence that the idea of facing unscripted questions about his record and the truth on three debate stages terrifies him,” said Brad Pfaff. “That’s why he’s been dodging local media for months, and why he has consistently lied about his participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Derrick knows he cannot talk about real issues and real solutions, and that if he steps on stage voters will see him for what he really is. If this is not the case, I urge Derrick to accept my debate challenge and give voters the accountability and transparency they deserve.”

Despite refusing to accept Brad’s debate challenge, Derrick has said he’ll “happily” put his record against Brad’s. Take a look at that record below:

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La Crosse Tribune: GOP congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden fined for having loaded gun in Iowa airport

La Crosse Tribune: In 2015 book, Van Orden brags about exposing a man’s genitals to two female officers

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