LA CROSSE — The Brad Pfaff for Congress campaign today launched a new TV ad slamming insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden for attacking the very democracy he swore to defend. The ad features a U.S. Army veteran reflecting on the fear and chaos that was caused by the Jan. 6 attack that ultimately claimed the lives of Capitol Police officers, and telling Derrick that real patriots would never try to burn down their country. 

“Derrick Van Orden is no patriot — he’s an insurrectionist who is terrified of voters learning about his disqualifying track record,” said Andrew Whitley, campaign manager at Brad Pfaff for Congress. “Unlike Derrick, Brad Pfaff was born and raised in this district and has homegrown values that inform his public service. He’ll protect our democracy, not try to overthrow free and fair elections.”

Veterans are disgusted by Derrick’s participation in the Jan. 6 attack, and hardworking families across this district are shocked by Derrick’s record of trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane, sexual and verbal harassment of women, and extreme stances on abortion. And recent polling shows that when voters learn about the stark contrast in character in this congressional race, they line up to support Brad’s campaign.


GAYLORD OPPEGARD: “I’m a veteran. I know what it looks like to love your country. And this isn’t it.”

GAYLORD OPPEGARD: “Derrick Van Orden was on the Capitol Grounds on January 6th, broke past the police barricades, and was part of a riot that injured over 100 cops, and some of them ended up dying.”

GAYLORD OPPEGARD: “Now he wants us to believe he’s a patriot? Mr. Van Orden, patriots defend their country. They don’t try to burn it down.”

BRAD PFAFF: “I’m Brad Pfaff, and I approve this message.”

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