LA CROSSE — Today, State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff unveiled his plan to cut costs and repair our broken supply chains by bringing manufacturing back to Wisconsin.

“Working Wisconsinites want an end to high costs, and this plan delivers,” said Brad Pfaff. “I’m tired of seeing prices rise, manufacturing jobs disappear, and corporate profits soar. It’s time we get back to making high-quality products right here at home, which is why my plan focuses on bringing back good-paying manufacturing jobs that strengthen our supply chains, reduce our foreign dependency, and most importantly drive down costs. As a native of the district I’m running to represent, I know that hardworking Wisconsinites deserve nothing less.”

While his opponent is glued to his twitter account, Brad is focused on solutions. He doesn’t hide from Wisconsin voters — that’s why this week he traveled to Wisconsin Rapids to host a manufacturing roundtable with county and township supervisors and local leaders to discuss how to bring costs down and support working families. Brad’s commitment to hardworking Wisconsinites was confirmed this week with the endorsement of his campaign from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

Brad’s plan will:

  • Invest in domestic manufacturing, repair our supply chains, and lower costs
  • Invest in affordable and accessible education opportunities for manufacturing careers
  • Support policies that protect domestic workers, not corporate profit margins

Read the full plan here.

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