LA CROSSE, WI – On Monday following reports that the Supreme Court voted to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Senator Brad Pfaff released a statement urging the Governor to call the legislature back to Madison to protect reproductive freedoms at the state level.

AP: Wisconsin Democrats urge action ahead of abortion ruling


  • Senator Pfaff was the only non-statewide candidate quoted calling for immediate action at the state level to stand up for reproductive rights of Wisconsinites.

  • He vowed to ”fight like hell to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

WORT: State and Local Lawmakers React to SCOTUS Apparent Intent to Overturn Roe V Wade


  • Senator Pfaff co-sponsored legislation to remove abortion restrictions in Wisconsin, seeking to strike a 173 year-old law from the books.

  • This law “… is something that we cannot let stand, This constitutes an emergency, not just for women but for their families as well, and for all of us. That’s why I think it’s important that Governor Evers calls us back into session. We need to address this issue immediately. We need to show women that we have their backs, that we will protect their rights. I know I’m going to fight like hell to protect their rights,” Pfaff says.

La Crosse Tribune: Dems running for WI-3 call for legislative action in response to SCOTUS draft, GOP calls out leak


  • Senator Pfaff is the only candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination for WI-03 that is calling for immediate state and federal action to protect women’s reproductive rights here in Wisconsin and across the country.

  • As a member of the legislature, Senator Pfaff is also in the unique position to take action himself on the issue of reproductive healthcare.

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