LA CROSSE — Yesterday, WEAU reached out to Derrick Van Orden’s campaign for a story on State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff’s reproductive rights roundtable held in Eau Claire. Today, Brad slammed Van Orden for refusing to discuss how women’s lives are being put at risk by Wisconsin’s cruel abortion ban and instead politicizing the deaths of American servicemembers.

“Derrick is fundamentally wrong for western Wisconsin — reproductive rights is a fundamental issue that directly affects thousands of families across our state, yet he refused to even acknowledge the issue,” said Brad Pfaff. “We don’t need politicians making health care decisions for us, and we can’t afford to send someone to Congress who dodges questions and looks the other way when women’s lives are in danger. As your congressman, I’ll fight like hell to make reproductive freedom a priority.”

Unlike Van Orden, Brad doesn’t hide from the press and isn’t afraid to answer questions. That’s why he organized a public roundtable discussion to listen to personal stories of the dangers of inaccessible reproductive care and to discuss how he will fight for reproductive freedom in Congress.

While Van Orden was writing a book where he bragged about sexually assaulting two women in the military and comparing abortion to “genocide,” Brad was the first state legislator to ask that the Governor call a special session to codify Roe into state law.

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