La Crosse- Below is a statement from Congressional candidate Brad Pfaff regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

“I am saddened by the scenes of tanks crossing borders, bombs nearly hitting nuclear power plants, and innocent children and moms fleeing their homes and loved ones to take refuge in a foreign nation. This is the 21st century. These scenes are eerily familiar to the scenes from WWII- nearly 80 years ago. This should not be happening. Putin is a thug. He is a dictator who represents a threat to freedom and democracy in Europe and beyond. He is an international pariah suspected of war crimes and needs to be continually isolated until he is removed from power.

I am heartened to see the international community come together in opposition to Putin’s unilateral aggression of an independent democratic nation. I am also encouraged that our policy makers in Washington are working together in a bipartisan fashion. I hope that these bipartisan efforts continue. I am confident that with our allies and a bipartisan Congress, the world can finally be rid of Putin and his failed ideas.

People in western Wisconsin are proud, independent, and hard working. They know the difference between right and wrong. Putin is wrong.”

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