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Date: June 10, 2022

LA CROSSE, WI – Last night the American people got their first glimpse into the year-long bipartisan investigation into the deadly January 6th attack on our Capitol. It is clear, now more than ever, that the insurrection was a coordinated attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power and reverse the results of a fair and free election. Voters deserve answers from Derrick Van Orden about his actions leading up to, during, and after the insurrection.

What we Know

What Voters Deserve to Know

  • Who did Van Orden meet with in the days leading up to and during the insurrection? He claims to have been in Washington “for meetings and to stand for the integrity of our electoral system.

  • Did he meet with or has he ever been in contact with Proud Boys or Oath Keepers who orchestrated the deadly attack on our Capitol?

  • Did Van Orden ever ask for a pardon from President Trump for breaching the restricted section of Capitol Grounds? Given reports that multiple Congressmen had sought a pardon, Wisconsin has the right to know that from Derrick as well.

“Derrick Van Orden isn’t fit for public office. And last night’s eye-opening hearings offer further proof,” said Brad Pfaff. “Western Wisconsin needs and deserves a Representative that goes to Washington that works to provide common sense solutions for kitchen table issues, not somebody who quite literally is wanting to burn the place to the ground.”

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