LA CROSSE — In an emotional new video released just days before what could be the last Jan. 6 Committee hearing, Wisconsin veterans today condemned Derrick Van Orden’s participation in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, calling his actions “the ultimate betrayal.”

The video features a Wisconsin Army National Guard veteran and United States Marine Corps veteran talking about what it was like to watch the Jan. 6 attack unfold. One veteran becomes emotional as he recounts learning that while insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, fellow veteran Derrick Van Orden “just stood there and watched.” In a recent ad, U.S. Army veteran Gaylord Oppegard tells Derrick that “patriots defend their country, they don’t try to burn it down.” Clearly, Derrick isn’t getting the message, and needs to be rejected at the ballot box this November.

Unlike Derrick, Brad believes that true patriotism means defending our American values, not insurrection and chaos. That’s why he used homegrown values to inform a career of public service, and why he has received the endorsement of the National Security Leaders for America (NSL4A), a 500+ volunteer member organization comprised of four-star generals, former ambassadors and Cabinet staff, and national security experts.

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