“On the heels of yesterday’s Marquette poll indicating overwhelming public opposition to the repeal of Roe, Senator Johnson is trying to modify his highly unpopular position on abortion. In June, Senator Johnson celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe and earlier suggested that individuals who don’t like living under Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban “can move”. Now Senator Johnson is suggesting voters should decide the fate of the abortion law through a referendum that is not permitted in Wisconsin.  

Senator Johnson’s remarks are completely out of touch with reality here in Wisconsin, where abortion care is currently unavailable for women who need it, which is causing untold harm to people we know and care about. Senator Johnson played an enormous role in creating this reality by confirming three Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe. He has also had many opportunities to support the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would ensure that women in every state—including Wisconsin—would have the right to access abortion care consistent Roe v. Wade. Johnson has voted against that legislation every time. Ron Johnson is a sitting U.S. Senator who make choices about who sits on the Supreme Court and what federal law is.  

Like his Republican allies who run our state legislature and refuse to repeal Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban, Ron Johnson’s actions speak much louder than his words. That is how he will be judged by voters.  

Thankfully, the public will get a chance to have a referendum on this matter when they turn out to vote for candidates like Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers and Josh Kaul who will work to protect reproductive freedom in November.” 

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