Today, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) announced its final round of legislative endorsements, consisting of a selection of candidates trusted to utilize their platforms and voices to push for the protection of reproductive rights for all Wisconsinites. Legislative action in Wisconsin is vital. Due to the legislative inaction of Wisconsin Republican Legislators towards the repeal of the out of touch 1849 criminal abortion ban, the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court forced the suspension of abortion services for all in Wisconsin, stripping Wisconsinites the right to bodily autonomy. Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban has forced Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and other providers to suspend abortion services and created fear in the medical community. Patients are now being referred to neighboring states and confusion about the law is putting people’s lives at risk.

With no Federal Constitutional protections, the role of the legislature in determining the future of reproductive freedoms in Wisconsin is more critical than ever, and those being endorsed are champions for protecting access to the full scope of reproductive freedoms in Wisconsin.

Statement from Steven Webb, Executive Director, PPAWI

“PPAWI is excited to announce our final slate of legislative endorsements. It is clear where the Wisconsin Republican Party stands on the matter of bodily autonomy. Legislative Republicans failed to act when Governor Evers called them into a special session to repeal the 1849 criminal abortion ban and have now nominated extremist Tim Michels as their gubernatorial candidate. Michels has a long history using his money and influence to further an extreme anti-abortion agenda from supporting policies like the 1849 criminal abortion ban to funding the most radical groups who seek to ban abortion without exception for rape or incest. Our supporters understand the threat that Tim Michels poses to the human rights of Wisconsinites. They are fired up and ready to get to the polls this fall to support candidates like the ones we’ve endorsed today, who will work to restore access to abortion in Wisconsin.”

There are two avenues to be taken in the restoration of abortion access in Wisconsin, legislative and judicial. The path to repeal the outdated 1849 criminal abortion ban runs through our ballots. Now more than ever, it is vital for the rights of Wisconsinites that we elect pro-choice and pro-people candidates. Personal medical decisions about your sexual and reproductive health should be made by you, and you alone. The only way we can overcome this is together. We must rise as a community, raise our voices, cast our votes and fight for the rights of all Wisconsinites.”

The following incumbents are candidates that Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) has selected for its final slate of legislative endorsements:

State Treasurer

Aaron Richardson


John Adams – District 74

Nathan Jurowski – District 21

Brienne Brown – District 31

Tod Ohnstad – District 65

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope – District 88

Alison Page – District 93

Jane Benson – District 89

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