WISCONSIN – In the face of mounting public opposition to Wisconsin’s criminal ban on abortion, Tim Michels is attempting to deceive voters about the truth behind his stance on reproductive health care. Despite emphatically declaring that he will not soften his stance on supporting the criminalization of abortion and defending his significant financial support of extremist groups working to block women’s access to all reproductive health care, Michels is trying a new approach to gain voter support. 

Tanya Atkinson, President of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin issued the following statement:  

“Time and time again, Tim Michels has made his position on criminalizing women’s access to reproductive care very clear. Michels is a staunch supporter of Wisconsin’s 173 year old law criminalizing abortion that is harming women and forcing some women to remain pregnant with dangerous pregnancies if they cannot travel to another state for care. He has gone so far to say that it is ‘not unreasonable’ to force a pregnant rape victim to give birth. 

Tim Michels couldn’t be more clear that he will stop at nothing to block people from making their own health care decisions and accessing the medical care that they need.  

This is not the future we want for ourselves, families or friends. Everyone should have the freedom and power to control their own bodies and lives—without politicians like Tim Michels interfering.” 

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