MADISON, WI – After refusing to support the bill to repeal Wisconsin’s 172-year-old criminal abortion ban, Republican members of the state Legislature are now advancing a bill to implement a Texas inspired ban on most abortions after 6 weeks in Wisconsin. Since 2019, Republican members have passed 9 bills restricting access to abortion and birth control that have been vetoed by Governor Evers. Instead of working to expand access to reproductive health care or supporting critical investments in maternal and infant health that are desperately needed to help reduce glaring health disparities in Wisconsin, Sen. Julian Bradley, R-Franklin, and Rep. Donna Rozar, R-Marshfield are prioritizing a new abortion ban with a $10,000 bounty reward for people to sue anyone who provides abortion care.

Statement from Mike Murray, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI

“Time and time again, the GOP members of the Legislature have demonstrated just how far they are willing to go to restrict access to abortion. For Republican members of the state Legislature, criminalizing abortion in Wisconsin isn’t enough. They are now doubling down on banning abortion through this new dangerous Texas-style abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest, along with a $10,000 bounty reward for people to sue anyone who provides abortion care.

Just as we have seen in Texas, this is practically a complete ban on abortion because it would prohibit abortion before almost anyone knows that they are pregnant. For the thousands of women who have been forced to travel hundreds of miles outside of Texas at great cost to get the care they need and for those who have been forced to carry a pregnancy against their will, the Texas law has been devastating.

This is a wakeup call for people to rise up to demand that this assault on people’s health and lives must stop. Our elected leaders need to hear from their constituents that this attack on reproductive freedom will not be tolerated. Everyone deserves the ability to make their own health care decisions and access the health care they need – including abortion. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin will fight to protect access to safe and legal abortion without fear, shame, or stigma.”

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