WISCONSIN – Wisconsin attorney general candidate Eric Toney (R) says district attorneys should cross county lines to prosecute abortion cases. The future that he sees for the state is loud and clear: take away the right to bodily autonomy, prosecute doctors for providing healthcare, and empower counties to divert their own public safety resources to adjoining counties for purposes of criminalizing abortion. The reality is that Eric Toney’s plan is about scaring doctors, medical providers and patients to not provide nor seek the care that they need. This is not about safety or caring about our communities, it is about ensuring that abortion is criminalized and empowering prosecutors to insert themselves into the prosecuting priorities of their neighboring county.

 Statement from Steven Webb, Executive Director, PPAWI

“Eric Toney is not the first Republican this election cycle to show they are too extreme for Wisconsin. For examples, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Michels has a long history of using his voice and resources towards furthering the anti-choice movement opposing abortion with no exceptions; and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who is seeking a third term, has an extensive anti-abortion track record, co-sponsoring multiple national abortion banss. Many Wisconsinites are worried that the bodily autonomy rights we’ve had for generations are being taken away. We saw thousands and thousands of Wisconsinites become activists this summer as they took to the streets, called their family and friends, and demanded their rights back.”

With the future of reproductive rights on the line, it is more important than ever to elect candidates who will champion those rights and protect our health. There is hope and we are not alone. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has filed a lawsuit to defend our rights. We do have champions fighting for the reproductive rights of Wisconsinites, we simply must elect them.”

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