WISCONSIN – Today, faith leaders and clergy from across the state held a press conference outside the Planned Parenthood Health Center (located at 435 S. Water Street, Milwaukee) in support of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and condemning the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. These leaders, their faith communities, and 118 others who signed on to an open letter (excerpt below) believe in protecting the ability to decide if or when you become a parent, a deeply personal decision that each person must have the ability to make for themselves, in consultation with their conscience and closest advisors. 

The Supreme Court’s decision in conjunction with the acts of the local Wisconsin legislature has been detrimental to the freedoms and future of people in Wisconsin today. Personal medical decisions about your sexual and reproductive health should be made by you, and you alone. 


“As faith leaders, we are also distressed that this ruling seeks to enshrine into law one narrow religious viewpoint, thereby violating the Constitution’s explicit protection for freedom of religion. The free exercise of religion – including the right not to observe any religion – means that no one religious concept can control law and life for those of a different religious belief.” 

“People of faith believe many different things about the beginnings of human life. No one religious viewpoint should decide American law, especially as personal a decision as this. The difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy is for many, the result of consulting one’s conscience and one’s closest advisors, and especially because such a decision relates to personal bodily autonomy, should not be subject to someone else’s restrictive religious or philosophical viewpoint.” 

“Citizens of Wisconsin: Know that people of faith stand with patients, their physicians, and their loved ones. We know that when abortion care is not available, women die. And we also know that prohibitions on abortion will not curtail the number of abortions taking place: they will simply make abortions more dangerous and life-threatening.” 

CLICK HERE to view the livestream of today’s press conference.

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