WISCONSIN – The recent news that Tim Michels has donated substantial funds to extreme special interest groups that advocate to ban access to abortion in all cases and birth control is a disturbing demonstration of the depths of Michel’s opposition to women’s health and preview how Michels would conduct himself as Governor. The additional revelation that a portion of those funds went toward surveillance efforts to track women accessing health care at Planned Parenthood health centers to redirect them to unregulated organizations that don’t provide health care is dangerous and alarming. Proof that these surveillance programs were active throughout the start of the pandemic when access to essential health care was particularly constrained highlights just how far Michels will go to block women from accessing essential health care.  

Statement from Tanya Atkinson, President of Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI 

“Tracking women’s cell phones who access health care at Planned Parenthood and providing them with misinformation is simply predatory behavior that undermines patient confidentiality. This also demonstrates that Tim Michels simply does not trust women to make their own informed health care decisions.  

These actions are not only out of step with the majority of Wisconsinites, they pose a risk to the health and well-being of people and should not be ignored.  

No one should have to go through a gauntlet of individuals working to block their access to needed medical care. People deserve to have the ability to access nonbiased information about their medical choices, the freedom to make their own decisions, and access the health care they need.  

This is not the future we want for ourselves, friends, families or communities. Decisions about our health care are personal. Most of us agree that we want the ability to decide what’s best for us in consultation with the most trusted people in our lives—without politicians or special interest groups interfering. 

The election of Tim Michels poses a clear and present danger to women’s health. He will stop at nothing to mislead and block women from accessing the health care they need.” 

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