(Green Bay, Wis.) – The visit of the Algocanada, with petroleum products for U.S. Venture on Jan. 22, signaled the end of the shipping season for the Port of Green Bay. Total cargo shipments into and out of the Port reached nearly 2 million tons (1,971,592), a 3% increase over a year ago.

“Reaching nearly 2 million tons is a good sign for the Port and a nice reflection of the strong local and regional economy,” said Port Director Dean Haen.

For the season, limestone was again the top cargo, followed by cement and petroleum products. Limestone imports (domestic and foreign) hit 639,357 tons, a 12% increase over last shipping season. Cement shipments reached 412,500 tons, up 5%. Petroleum products (domestic and foreign) increased 71% to 378,768 tons. While imports of limestone, cement and petroleum products increased in the 2021-22 shipping season, shipments of salt and coal registered declines.

Overall, 178 ships visited the Port of Green Bay during the 2021 season. That compares to 176 ships during the 2020 season.

“With the 2021 shipping season wrapped up, we’ll work on plans for the next shpping season as our terminal operators focus on repairs and maintenance of their dock facilities,” Haen added. The 2022 shipping season is expected to begin in mid-March to early-April, depending on the weather and ice cover on the lakes and bay.

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