(Green Bay, WI) – Another Great Lakes shipping season is underway and the Port of Green Bay is making it easier to follow the ships as they cargo from port to port. The Port has added the Marine Traffic app to it’s website, so boat watchers can simply go to the Port website at www.portofgreenbay.com and click on Ship Activity at the top of the page to go to the app that tracks all of the ship traffic.

“We know there are many very dedicated ship watchers who are aware of how to keep track of the ships in the area,” said Dean Haen, Port Director. “But there are other casual watchers who may also be interested in identifying a ship they see coming into the harbor or on the bay. This app on our website will give them an easy way to get more information.”  The free version that is featured on the Port’s website identifies the ship and where it’s headed along with other information. “It makes it fun to be able to identify what ship it is, what it’s carrying and where it’s going,” added Haen.

Marine Traffic is the world’s leading provider of ship tracking and maritime information and is dedicated to making data easily accessible to all who are interested in waterborne transportation.

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