WISCONSIN – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin is dedicated to the battle for the restoration of reproductive rights in Wisconsin. Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels has been a long time anti-abortion activist and extremist who is claiming to support exceptions to Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal aborttion ban after decades of advocating for the opposite. We don’t buy it.. What we’ve learned about him in the past is who Tim Michels has been, and who he will be if he is elected. Polls are showing that the majority of Wisconsinites support safe and legal access to abortion. Time and time again he has boldly stated that the 1849 criminal abortion ban ‘mirrors his views exactly’. It is clear that Tim Michels is willing to do anything in his struggle for power, going as far as to lie about his stance on reproductive freedom – to seize power and act against the wants and needs of Wisconsinites.

Statement from Steven Webb, Executive Director, PPAWI

“Tim Michels has a long history with the anti-abortion movement from supporting extreme policies like the 1849 criminal abortion ban to funding the most radical groups who seek to ban abortion without exception for rape or incest. He has attempted to incite violence calling for pitchforks in uproar of his past being uncovered, in addition to investing in sidewalk counseling services in front of abortion clinics and location tracking of abortion patients. He has repeatedly said  the 1849 criminal abortion ban mirrors his views exactly. Tim Michels has told us who he is and what he supports. His views on abortion are extreme and dangerous.”

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