(Brookfield, WI) – Today, June 27, 2022, the most egregious ruling handed down by
the United States Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, has been overturned. The majority
opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, penned by Justice
Samuel Alito, declares that there is no abortion right to be found in the text of the
U.S. Constitution or in the history of our nation. Pro-Life Wisconsin rejoices, for today
is a day many pro-life individuals have dreamt of for decades, if not entire lifetimes.
Since January 22, 1973, the day on which unfettered abortion was unleashed on our
country, millions of Americans have prayed, fasted, marched, and advocated for the
lives of preborn children. For nearly 50 years, pro-lifers have spoken out against the
atrocity of abortion and proclaimed the truth from the rooftops: that abortion ends a
human life.

We thank God for the wisdom and courage of these six justices: Justice Samuel Alito,
Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Amy
Coney Barret, and Justice John Roberts who have so boldly decided this case, even
in the face of great opposition and personal attack. “Abortion is no longer a
constitutional right in America, and never really was. The shackles of the Roe/Casey
legal regime have been thrown off and now Wisconsin and every other state in our
nation is free to ban abortion without exception,” said Matt Sande, Pro-Life
Wisconsin Legislative Director.

This decision cannot resurrect the over 62 million children killed nationwide in the
violence of abortion nor erase the trauma of countless men and women affected by
abortion, but from this moment on, hope is restored for millions of preborn children
dreaming of life outside the womb. Abortion is no longer the law of the land; for that,
we thank God and beg for His mercy on us for the past 49 years of legalized murder.
Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director, Dan Miller stated, “We have longed for the day
when no more babies die and no more mothers cry. The blood of the more than


550,000 aborted Wisconsin babies cries to heaven for justice. Nothing will stand in
our way to see that abortion ends in Wisconsin! Victory for the rights of the preborn
is quite literally in the hands of our state legislature and governor. Please pray for

In the wake of this decision, Pro-Life Wisconsin has detailed the steps necessary to
ensure the protection of every preborn human being in our state. This will require
two, and possibly three, state legislative actions which include 1) closing a loophole in
our pre-Roe criminal abortion statute (Section 940.04, Wisconsin Statutes) and
passing a total protection statutory abortion ban, 2) passing state legislation
specifically outlawing medical abortions, and 3) passing the Wisconsin Personhood
Amendment. For a detailed summary of this plan, read our article, A Post-Roe

We will continue to advance onward, with all momentum and without compromise,
to establish legal protection for every preborn child in Wisconsin.

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