BROOKFIELD, WI – The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund Political Action Committee (PAC) today announced its dual endorsement of Kevin Nicholson and Timothy Ramthun for Wisconsin governor, along with endorsements for attorney general, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and state treasurer.

“We are proud to endorse both Kevin Nicholson and Timothy Ramthun for Wisconsin governor,” said Matt Sande, Victory Fund PAC Director. “Kevin and Timothy are men of principle, who understand that preborn children are persons deserving full legal protection, and men of action, who will work to fully end abortion in our state. It is exciting and hopeful that these two candidates for Wisconsin governor embrace the total protection, personhood message – a message of consistency and compassion for the most vulnerable among us. A Nicholson or Ramthun administration will have far-reaching, positive effects for Wisconsinites who value the dignity of all innocent human life.”

The Victory Fund PAC also announced endorsements for the remaining Wisconsin Constitutional Officers: Attorney General, Karen Mueller; Lieutenant Governor, David Varnam, Cindy Werner, and Jonathan Wichmann; Secretary of State, Jay Schroeder; and State Treasurer, Orlando Owens.

“The foundational right to life, the bedrock upon which all other human rights lay, must be the first principle of our state leaders,” said Sande. “We proudly endorse these candidates for statewide office who believe in the fundamental right to life of all people, born and unborn – whose human dignity they will respect and protect in all they do in service to our great state.”

Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC supports candidates for public office who demonstrate a commitment to protect preborn children – in all circumstances and at all stages of development – as full persons under the law. To be “100% pro-life” is to know that a human being begins at conception and to therefore understand that there may never be a legal exception to his or her inalienable right to life. Accordingly, it requires defending the preborn child conceived in rape, the preborn child whose mother’s life or health is perceived to be in danger, the disabled preborn baby, and the tiny embryo vulnerable to experimental research. It requires establishing legal personhood (equality of all human beings before the law) for the preborn in our state constitution.

“Our preborn brothers and sisters deserve total and permanent legal protection of their right to life,” said Sande. “As God’s image bearers, preborn children from the moment of conception have intrinsic worth, inestimable value, and inviolable dignity. Now is the time to enshrine the personhood of each preborn child in the Wisconsin Constitution. We believe in this goal, as do our endorsed candidates.”

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