Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (PFFW) State President Mahlon Mitchell today announced the endorsement of Governor Tony Evers for another four-year term as Governor. “The PFFW makes this endorsement because of his ongoing support for issues affecting the health and safety of our members, our families, and the communities we serve,” President Mitchell said. “Time after time Governor Evers has done what he can to deliver the resources to our communities so we are able to respond in time of either personal or community needs. Unfortunately, he has not received the support for his efforts in the State Legislature,” the PFFW head stated. “The Governor has pledged to continue his past efforts and we plan to be there with him fighting for the resources our communities need.”

Mitchell cited several efforts that Evers had made in the past four years. They included:

Shared Revenue – This program had been the lifeblood of Wisconsin municipalities. Due to it getting either no or only a small increase during the past 20 years, public safety is losing the resources it needs. Fire stations are being forced to close. Vacant positions are not being filled. “Gov. Evers attempted every year to get an increase in Shared Revenue and every time his efforts were stymied by the State Legislature. Gov. Evers has made the increasing of Shared Revenue an important part of his agenda for the next budget. He is proposing a $100 million increase. That is a great start,” Mitchell said.

Levy Limits – State law prohibits municipalities when they need funding for vital public services from raising the local levy in only a limited way. “Governor Evers attempted to provide some relief but was again blocked every time he tried by the State Legislature.”

More EMS Funding – Gov. Evers successfully supportive several efforts to provide more funding for EMS. Some funds were made available immediately and other initiatives will provide additional funding in the near future.

PTSD Workers Compensation for Fire/EMS – Gov Evers signed legislation that will provide the financial resources for fire fighters and most EMS personnel to get the treatment for PTSD so they can return to a normal life.

“For these reasons the PFFW is pleased to again endorse Governor Tony Evers,” PFFW State President Mitchell stated.

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