MILWAUKEE—Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court announced today that her campaign raised more than $168,000 from individual donors, shattering the fundraising record for any candidate running for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the comparative timeframe.

“In addition to garnering more than 525 endorsements from judges, elected officials, community leaders, and attorneys from all across the state, Judge Janet smashed the fundraising record for this early period,” said Alejandro Verdin, campaign manager for Janet for Justice. “Judge Janet Protasiewicz continues to show she is running an effective campaign and earning the broad support necessary to win in April.”

Not considering loans candidates made to themselves, this sum raised represents a massive increase on a mid-year continuing report over previous candidates such as Lisa Neubauer, Jill Karofsky, and Rebecca Dallet. Protasiewicz has not yet made a significant loan to her own committee in this campaign.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a judge who upholds the law, and a former prosecutor who dedicated her career to protecting victims.

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