MILWAUKEE—Today, Alejandro Verdin, Campaign Manager for Judge Janet for Justice, released the following statement: 

“It comes as no surprise that extremist Justice Rebecca Bradley has endorsed far-right Dan Kelly in his bid to capture the seat he lost resoundingly in 2020.

“As Judge Protasiewicz travels the state and connects with every community, it is apparent Wisconsinites want a Justice that will uphold the law and protect our neighborhoods, rather than side with extreme right-wing special interests and turn towards Mar-a-Lago on how they should vote. 

“That is why a bipartisan group of more than 850 judges, elected officials, attorneys, and community leaders all across Wisconsin have endorsed Judge Janet Protasiewicz. It’s time to turn the page on a failed past, and electing Judge Janet will do just that.” 

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a judge who upholds the law, and a former prosecutor who dedicated her career to protecting victims.

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