WISCONSIN — A new report from Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows Wisconsin is among the states where consumers saw premium reductions for their ACA Marketplace health coverage plans. In Wisconsin, ACA Marketplace premiums declined 6.7 percent to a benchmark premium plan cost of $417. The American Rescue Plan made insurance more affordable than ever before, driving down premium costs for families and leading to record ACA enrollment.

In response, Protect Our Care Wisconsin State Director Joe Zepecki released the following statement:


“Thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress, enrollment in high-quality coverage is at an all-time high and coverage is more affordable for millions of people. The decline in ACA Marketplace premiums gives Wisconsin  families more breathing room, at a time when they are concerned about the rising price of food, rent, and other essentials. This study further underscores the urgent need for Congress to extend the premium tax credits in the American Rescue Plan to help keep coverage affordable for Wisconsinites.”


Read the full report here.

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