La Crosse, WI — Today, U.S. Representative Ron Kind, Wisconsin State Senator Brad Pfaff, and Sarah B., a young professional from Eau Claire living with Type 1 diabetes marked the 12th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while calling for action to reduce the cost of insulin.

The ACA eliminated lifetime caps, expanded Medicaid, and secured protections for millions living with pre-existing conditions. Speakers also discussed the urgent need for Federal and State action to build on the success of the ACA by reducing the cost of insulin.

After Republicans spent years seeking to destroy the ACA, President Biden signed into law the largest expansion of health care in more than a decade. The American Rescue Plan made coverage more affordable than ever before, with a record 14.5 million Americans signing up for health coverage during the ACA open enrollment period using the enhanced premium tax credits included in the plan.

Today’s event was hosted by Protect Our Care Wisconsin and Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

From prepared remarks delivered during today’s event:

U.S. Representative Ron Kind – “Twelve years ago today, the Affordable Care Act became law. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites – including those with pre-existing conditions – have been able to gain access to quality, affordable health care. We need to keep building on this progress and continue working to lower health care costs, including the price of insulin. I’m proud to have voted for legislation to do that and I’ll keep fighting to defend the access to care and patient protections so many hardworking Wisconsin families rely on.”

Wisconsin State Senator Brad Pfaff – “Residents of western WI and the 32nd Senate District too often must deal with prescription drugs overwhelming their household budget. In the Wisconsin Legislature, we have solutions that would start to address the cost of healthcare. Expanding BadgerCare and capping the price of insulin are simple, straightforward solutions to reduce the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs in Wisconsin.”

Eau Claire resident and T1 diabetic Sara B. – “Type 1 Diabetes cannot be cured, it cannot be reversed, and without insulin we WILL die. Diabetes used to be a death sentence, until Frederick Banting created insulin. If I were to unhook my insulin pump and stop taking insulin right now, and go on with my day just as everyone else does, I would die. Insulin is not a choice and it should not be a privilege. We must take steps to make insulin affordable because the price of insulin is not only crippling, it’s fatal. “

You can learn more about how the Affordable Care Act has strengthened health care here.

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