For the past six years, I have served the Third district of the City of Racine as Alder, and for the past three years I have led the Common Council as President. During that time, I have navigated challenges big and small, ranging from assisting residents with garbage collection and alley repairs to governing through a once-in-a-century pandemic and the subsequent recovery. Now, we face a crisis of violence, specifically gun violence, in the City of Racine. As Alder, I have called for comprehensive responses to all of the challenges we have faced, which require both proactive and preventative efforts as well as reactive and mitigating efforts. Our response to the rising violence should be no different. That is why I am excited to accept the position of Violence Prevention Manager with the City of Racine.

This announcement is bittersweet as it has been an honor and privilege to represent the people of the Third District and lead the Common Council. However, Racine is my home and when our community is suffering as it has been with the violence seen this past year, I am called to serve in a different, necessary capacity. Some may wonder what this means for my elected service, as well as have questions about the Independent Police Monitor (IPM) role in Madison, WI. I hope to answer both.

As for IPM, the City of Madison and the Police Civilian Oversight Board were phenomenal partners to work with during the interview and selection process. It is abundantly clear that they are serious about improving community relations with law enforcement by ensuring transparency and accountability. My selection to lead the department was incredibly humbling and validating, personally and professionally, and I wish them the best in securing a candidate to start that important work. My reason for declining the role is simple: there is no place like home.

As for the Racine Common Council, I will resign as Council President and Alder before my start date as Violence Prevention Manager on November 14, 2022. The Third District deserves representation and Council deserves steady leadership, which is why I will not be stepping down prior to the passage of the 2023 budget. While I will miss serving in an elected capacity, I look forward to leading a public health approach to violence prevention and building the bridges to reduce violence and make our community safer.

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