City of Racine – Today, City of Racine Mayor Cory announced he is proposing a referendum for the August election to raise the levy by $2 million to fund additional positions in the Racine Police Department and funding to support violence prevention initiatives. The deadline to propose a referendum is May 31st, and Mayor Mason has called a special meeting of the Common Council to vote on whether or not to place the referendum on the August ballot.

Mayor Mason has released the following statement:

“I am calling a special council meeting for 7 PM on Tuesday, May 31 to vote on a proposal to place a referendum on the August ballot to support public safety.   

Recent events have underscored the need for resources to address the challenges posed by crime in our community.  Ongoing restraints from state officials on local spending authority coupled with flat or declining state aid have required us to reduce spending across City government.  

Our ability to spend beyond the limits imposed by the Legislature can only be overcome by going to referendum to exceed the spending limits.  

Because the needs of law enforcement and crime prevention are so acute right now, I am proposing that we ask voters to allow the city to levy up to an additional $2 million a year to fund an additional 11 police officers and invest for the long term in crime prevention.  This referendum would be placed on the ballot in the August election. 

I have heard loud and clear from the community that they want more resources for law enforcement and crime prevention.  This referendum will give the voters the opportunity to allow us to invest in making our community safer.”

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