WISCONSIN – In response to media inquiries, Gubernatorial candidate, Timothy S. Ramthun, released the following statement on the leak from the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade:

Once again, an individual or group of individuals who are paid by taxpayers to conduct business for the people, has violated protocols and codes of professionalism in order to set their own agenda, and rile the sentiments of citizens.

We’ve seen reckless conduct and disregard for procedure serve only to divide people and undermine authority within government agencies at every level. Civil society relies upon law and order, and taxpayers deserve government employees who operate with the highest level of scrutiny and confidentiality that every single public office and position commands.

I am unequivocally pro-life, as is evidenced by my personal behavior, past statements, and the recent endorsement by Pro Life Wisconsin. I seek the office of Governor in the State of Wisconsin to bring accountability and responsibility to Wisconsin government.

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