Today, Rep Allen released the following statement in regards to Gov. Evers decision to fly the Progress Pride flag from the Capitol building.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s a snake oil salesman in town, and the elixir, “equality,” that he sells causes division. He sold this elixir four years ago in our state, and he makes it sound good. He wears a folksy demeanor, but don’t be fooled, the solution he sells causes more problems than it purports to solve.

“Today, the Progress Pride flag is a symbol not of equality but of division. It is a symbol of the culture war that divides us due to the aggressive political agenda of the left. Their agenda is not about equality and civil rights, but rather to bully everyone to have the same ideology or else face consequences. Not even kids are exempt from the punitive might of the progressive state.

“It has become clear that the left is pushing a radical agenda through our schools to adversely influence our children. Going beyond the nonsense of critical race theory, we are seeing increased sexualization of children and transgender promoting practices in our schools. As the former head of our state education system, Governor Evers is responsible for the state of education in Wisconsin today.  Now, as Governor, his leadership is less about voicing the concerns of the average Wisconsinite just trying to make a living, and more about grooming a new generation of identity groups devoted to a politics of fear and division.

“Why is a divisive flag being flown above a building that is meant to represent all the people of Wisconsin? We don’t raise flags for other groups of people, and we already have two flags that represent all the people of Wisconsin, our national and state flags.

“Equality is really equal treatment under the law.  If we truly cared about equality, we wouldn’t give special treatment to a particular group of people via the flying of a flag. But then, it’s not really about equality is it?”

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