Today, Gov. Evers was in Waukesha promoting his Main Street Bounceback plan and announcing a Community Development Investment Grant for the Waukesha Civic Theater.

“While grateful for the grant to this Waukesha organization, we need to pause and consider if Gov. Evers has really helped businesses as much as he would like us to believe on the eve of an election,” said Rep. Allen.

The vast majority of aid that Evers has given to businesses has simply been Federal covid relief funds, which he has used as an election slush fund instead of working with the legislature to invest strategically.

Evers closed businesses for longer than needed during covid, deeming many large chain stores as “essential” while keeping many small local businesses closed. Then instead of encouraging workers to get back to work to help these small businesses recover, Evers continued giving increased unemployment paychecks to able bodied workers. When the legislature sought to address these two issues, Gov. Evers vetoed both AB 336 and AB 912.

“In a recent conversation with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, I was informed that close to 30% of restaurants closed in the last two years and another 30% are on the verge. This is the legacy of Evers’ anti-business policies,” stated Rep. Allen. “Don’t be fooled by his election season handouts. Evers has failed Wisconsin businesses.”

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