Today, Rep Allen released the following statement on Democrat calls for more gun control restrictions.

“The tragic violence in Buffalo and Uvalde, fills all our hearts with grief and anger. Yet like clockwork, the hypocrisy of the left emerges after each of these tragedies. A tragedy becomes an opportunity for political posturing through calls for gun control. They seek to take advantage of the emotions of the moment to push for bad policies that won’t really help but sound good. It’s predictable, and it’s manipulative.

“It’s also hypocritical. The same party that wants to undermine constitutional rights when 19 children die sanctions the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of people every year through their support for abortion.

“When it comes to abortion, the science is clear: there are always two people involved – the mother and the child. A fetus has unique and distinct DNA marking it as a separate living being from the mother, and at 6 weeks, we can detect its own separate heartbeat. That unborn human is a person distinct from the mother and as such has the right to life.

“In 2020 (the most recent year for which complete data is available), the CDC reported that 45,222 people died from gun-related injuries. 54% were due to suicide, while 43% were murders (19,384). Contrast that with the self-reported statistics of Planned Parenthood from their 2020 report, which stated that they performed 354,871 abortions! For every person killed in gun violence, there were 18.3 babies killed by Planned Parenthood.

“Yet do you hear any outrage from the left over this violence? No, and for that, I call their words on episodes of gun violence hypocritical.”

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