Today, Rep. Allen released an Assembly Resolution for co-sponsorship relating to recognizing and honoring the contributions of Black Americans to the History of Medicine in this country. He released the following statement:

“In February, we recognize the importance of highlighting the history of Black Americans. I completely agree with the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus when they write that ‘Black History Month provides a deliberate opportunity to reflect on the common humanity underlying all people and to raise awareness and foster respect for the heritage and contributions of people of African descent.’

“This resolution recognizes and honors Black Americans who have contributed to the history of medicine in this country, keeping with this year’s Black History Month theme of ‘Black Health and Wellness.’  Everyone honored on this resolution has contributed in amazing ways to the greater good of society.

“This resolution does not name February as Black History month as I defer to others to offer such a resolution. My office has reached out to a couple members of the Black Caucus to invite participation on this resolution.

“A hallmark of Assembly resolutions recognizing months in honor of something, someone, or a group of people is that they are typically universal in their appeal and without controversy.

“My hope with this resolution is that we can give thanks together for the historical contributions of Black Americans to the field of medicine.”

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