Following session last night, Governor Evers made an appearance in the Assembly Parlor to deliver his State of the State Address.

Rep. Allen issued the following statement in response:

“Time and time again, Governor Evers continues to demonstrate that he favors personal gain, unilateral control, government overreach, and inefficient policies over the betterment of Wisconsin.

It is unsurprising that Governor Evers used this opportunity to take credit for projected revenues, and to flaunt his idea to give every Wisconsinite a $150 check under the guise of giving back to the people. This gimmick is clearly an attempt to bribe his way into another four years as governor, and deplete the budget surplus that Republicans have contributed to over the last decade.

Governor Evers is disregarding a significant labor shortage by implementing ineffective workforce policies, and spending millions of dollars while doing it. This money could be used to support law enforcement, but instead, Governor Evers chooses to remain soft on crime.

The Republican Legislature has put forth bills designed to tackle the workforce crisis, and support those who protect our communities. Hopefully the Governor will end the session on a strong note, and sign these bills into law.”

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