Madison, WI – The importance of education cannot be understated as it is the foundation of cultivating productive members of society. Ensuring that every student receives quality education is essential for long term social justice.

The reality is that each child is special, and has a unique set of skills, talents, challenges, and needs. What works for one child may not work for another. Nobody understands this more than parents, and that is why parents need the option to choose.

AB 970 builds off of the successful Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and the Racine Parental Choice Program to open school choice to all Wisconsin families.

“We know that every child deserves a learning environment that will provide an effective and motivating education,” said Rep. Allen, “We trust that parents know what is best for their children’s education.”

Giving parents the choice of what is best for their child is an important tool in eliminating achievement gaps, since school choice helps level the playing field and leads to greater student success.

Parental school choice is the right choice for strengthening quality education for every student in Wisconsin.

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