Today, the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) voted to suspend the Wisconsin Election Commission’s emergency rule that would have allowed clerks to take action to correct missing information on absentee ballot certificate envelopes instead of returning it to the voter for correction as state law clearly states.

“Guidance that runs contrary to state law is illegal, whether it is well-intentioned or not. Today, legislative oversight of WEC has been restored,” stated Rep. Allen.

WEC also recently lost their case before the WI Supreme Court related to their guidance on encouraging the use of drop boxes.

Rep. Allen said, “It seems clear that the current WEC leadership does not care about following the laws of this state. Their desire to write their own laws is problematic. The administrative leadership of WEC has had no consequences for their wrong actions. The lack of consequences incentivizes partisan actors to skirt the rule of law for their own ends.

“It is time for Attorney General Josh Kaul and local district attorneys to hold responsible those at WEC who have continued to pursue an agenda in contradiction to state law. This is not a partisan issue. This is about upholding the laws of this state.”

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