MADISON, Wis – Today, Rep. Samba Baldeh (D-48) joined Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats in advocating for the protection of reproductive rights in Wisconsin. Rep. Baldeh released the following statement regarding the special session:

“Today we had the opportunity to protect Wisconsinites right to make choices about their own reproductive healthcare during a special session called by Governor Evers. Sadly, my GOP colleagues failed to meet the moment, gaveling out the session without even a minute of debate.”

“Wisconsinites deserve better from their elected officials. Those who elected us sent us here to discuss the issues that matter most. I cannot think of any issue that matters more than being in control of one’s own body. Today, Assembly Democrats showed up to do the work of the people, while most of our Republican colleagues took the day off.”

“I am proud to be among the majority of Wisconsinites, who support access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare in our state. Wisconsinites who need abortions should be able to access them safely, legally, and free from interference or shame. As Democrats, we will continue to fight for access to abortion and the protection of choice, no matter what.”

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